Special Offers

Aesthetic, Weight Loss & Medical Clinic

Clinic 45 is an independent Medical Practice, owned and supervised by Joseph E. Sleiman M.D., with a focus in the areas of Weight Management, Liposuction, Aesthetics and Internal Medicine.

Our team is comprised of skilled obesity medicine physicians, specialist in internal medicine, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

At Clinic 45 we strive to build long-term, partnering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. We believe in prevention of disease and promotion of healthy lifestyles for the whole family. We strive to be an efficient and cost-effective practice in meeting the needs of our patients during times of health, as well as in times of illness. We are dedicated to improving people’s lives and helping to prevent obesity. We practice medicine as a team and value the contributions of all our staff in providing excellent medical care and service.

Clinic 45 provides consistent care and quality services to individuals based on their specific cosmetic needs. We aim to enhance the partnership between the patients and our medical provider, and we are also dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Our Values

Clinic 45 is committed to:

  • Dignity:
    Safeguarded by recognizing that each patient is inherently valued.
  • Trust:
    Honest and open communication with patients and among staff.
  • Teamwork:
    Acknowledge that keeping together is a progress, working together is a success.
  • Responsibility:
    Committed to ethical and responsible actions.
  • Integrity:
    Honesty and fairness in everything we do.